So what’s it all about? An idiot on his bike driving around? Well, yes. That’s basically it. I will try to make it as interesting as possible though. The main point is to get you, the reader, that tingly feeling in your lower tummy, the feeling of your brain flooding with ideas and plans, the sudden realization that a very small thought has entered your mind, small enough to ignore at first, but it will grow, and you know it will grow, it will grow into a raging torrent of ideas, feelings, plans, you will spend your time looking at google maps, read about far away countries, start drawing lines on paper Michelin maps, watch YouTube videos of people who went through the exact same process you are going through.

Travel fever.

My goal, and therefore the goal of my blog, is to give you travel fever. Look at this blog as your push in the back to finally take that first step. You have to go out there and experience everything this world has to offer. You will not succeed in your quest of trying to experience everything, but that is the beauty of it. You can keep on exploring and discover new experiences.

Trust me, you’ll love it.