The Rhino

Here she is, ain’t she a beauty. No actually, it’s a 1150 GS, of course it’s not a beauty. But what a machine though. Build in 2004, bought her second hand in 2013 with less than 50000 km on it, now it’s 130.000+ km. Guess the previous owner didn’t really got the point of owning an adventure bike. Poor thing, stowed away in some dusty garage, covered with old, flowery bed sheets, not even being able to stretch her round, black rubber legs. Anyway, she is in very good hands now, I take her on many rides and she has done nothing less then put a smile on my face.

I haven’t decided on a name yet. I keep calling her a she, but sometimes she has a very boyish side. When we’re just driving on the highway or on some empty little road, everything is fine and she is very gentle, but when she gets overtaken by some other bike, she becomes very jumpy. Suddenly shifting down, revving until the needle touches the red, doing tiny little wheelies everytime she takes of…

Maybe I should call her The Rhino.